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Posted On August 27, 2008
August 27, 2008

Hier gefunden!

Expression: 48 / 12 / 3
Self-expression is the gift you bring to the world. Whether through the arts, writing, drama, music or through some other field, you bring joy and inspiration to all by your sunny outlook and creative talents. You can assume a new role at any time, all mediums are open to you as methods of self-expression.

Soul Urge: 9
Like the number 6 soul urge, your life revolves around giving and receiving love. Your desire, however, includes the whole of humanity and a few races besides. Compassion, passion and forgiveness make up your essence and you are very generous and impressionable. The fine arts call out to you and you may in fact have a master artist living inside of you.

39 / 12 / 3
There seems to be a golden glow of optimism and joy around you wherever you go. You are witty and playful, and your idealistic nature irresistibly draws the little child out of everyone you meet. Ever creative and interesting to talk to, you are never long without people to cluster around your radiance. You enjoy dressing up and are very creative with accessories. You’ve got a style all your own, even if you don’t follow fashion.


  1. Tommy   27. August 2008 09:24

    also, soweit ich das mit meinem englisch verstande habe finde ich dass es schon auf dich zutrifft. zumindest glaub ich das nachdem ich dich kennenlernen durfte :)

  2. Netty   27. August 2008 11:41

    Wow, habe es auch ausprobiert u. war überrascht!

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